They're hatching....slowly


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May 19, 2014
Three of my seven in my brisnea mini advanced have started hatching out! Two are pipped and one is beginning to zip his way out after a very loooog 24 hours! I candeled on day 18 and they were all seven looking perfect. The only one I was worried about is the one farthest along!

Should I start to worry that the other four haven't made any progress! Two of the four were rocking and rolling yesterday but nothing today! How long do I wait to candle? i started them on April 9th.

I mostly just need reassurance during the hardest part - waiting!
It looks fine to me. I think after 48 hours you're supposed to assist. Some just take a little longer then others.
Waiting is so hard but it'll be worth it!
You're best to not open the bator. Is this actually day 21? It's not unusual for them to do a lot of rock and roll, and then rest for a while before starting the next phase of the hatch. IMO, opening the bator, picking them up to candle them at this point would set them back. What's your humidity at?
Hi there! Its day 22 for my 21 eggs and one hatched out at about 12:30 this am. No signs of pipping on any others yet and actually no sign of pipping from the egg that hatched too. I will wait until at least day 25 for the others however I am curious as to performing the float test. What are the true rules to opening the incubator? I don't want to open the incubator to perform the test if it will be detrimental. The chick drying in the incubator I will leave for the 3 days before I remove it in case others are pipping. Temp is between 99.5-100.5 and humidity is 65-70%. Can you please verify when it is ok to open the incubator during the hatching process. And should I remove the hatched one? Thanks!
Humidity is holding strong at about 67-70% consistently! They are just slow pokes! I will definitely wait until at least Monday before doing anything to the incubator if they don't hatch!

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