Thin crossbeaked chick. HELP!

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    Apr 5, 2016
    One of my light brahmas has crossbeak. She is currently 3 weeks old and the crossbeak was found about a week ago. Its just been getting worse and now that i weigh her and the other chick she is super light like a day old chick and thin. Is there a way ti teach her to eat with the crossbeak or is it to late for her?


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    Many people add water to a bowl of feed to make it easier for crossbeak chickens to eat. The bowl may need deep sides, so adjust with age. There are many articles about dealing with crossbeak chicks. Google that or do a search at the top of this page, and look for who has a good article. There are some instructions on beak trimming to help the beak come together better. These chicks don't always survive, but many do with extra care. Good luck.
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    cross beaks are fairly common, the tendency is for them to get worse with age. I believe BYC has a "Crossbeaks caregiver," thread.

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