thinking of getting emus.... any suggestions?

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    Aug 8, 2011
    i have an oppertunity to get two female and one male emu. all are one and a half years old so about to lay i think. i dont know too much about them other than that they are simmilar to huge chickens and are very hardy animals. i have learned minimal things that are offered through google serches and have been serching through posts on here. i guess i am just looking for any info that i probably havent found. possitive and negitive aspects. any info you feel a newbie should know.

    thanks for any info.

    oh, and i the guy ever email me the pics i asked for i will be sure to post them!!
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    They normally start laying about 2-3 years old... mine the later. What experience with large animals do you have... like horses. I like to think of Emu as a cross between a horse and a chicken... Many things you do or not do for horses you also do for emu.... they need space, a secure strong fence, like field fence, 4 plank fence or no climb wire... they do not do well with barbed wire, electric fence only... etc. I have found that mine learned how to shimmy under the corral panels also.... They are flight animals, they will run if scared.. and they do not think well when they run. They can run slap into fences etc.. when really afraid. They can kick very hard when scared or irritated and those claws are sharp... I have a few scars... But normally if you aren't grabbing them or trying to drag them somewhere they don't kick out. They aren't mean animals and they typically do things out of fear.... or curiousity. If you like your personal space... you might not like emu, as they have to be right next to you seeing what you are doing. They love bright colorful shiny objects, strings, anything metal, jewelry, glasses, hair clips... some like to bite ears..... but all this is done out of their highly curious nature. They can be very affectionate, especially the males. They eat very little compared to their size... although they all have their own personalities and some are pigs. They can do well with other animals, as long as you introduce them to each other slowly and the animals have a place to get away from the emu when they want to play their chase game.... happens when they get excited. Mine are in with chickens, ducks, geese, swans, horses, mini horses and mini cows, llama and alpaca, fainting goats..... and the Great Pyr dogs. Mine don't really like cats...... the cats have learned to stay clear... and the geese get chased on occasion. My turkey chase the emu...... they are very very funny critters, and once you understand their habits, can truly be a great pet.

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