this “pullet” looks suspect.. please help!

what is this little babe

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Apr 30, 2018
New Jersey
so for a bit of background... 2 years ago i got 6 chicks from a woman i found on craigslist... bad idea i know... i was told it was 1 rooster and 5 hens. welp not true i ended up with 6 roosters. i loved all of them to death and they were all extremely friendly roosters and got along ok. now i’m down to 2 due to them refusing to sleep together and roosting up in trees. i found them dead with their heads missing in the morning which was devastating. so now that i have two i decided to go and get some hens. i bought 12 chicks from tractor supply back in august. all we’re supposed to be pullets. but now that they are about 8 weeks old one of my speckled sussex pullets looks more like a cockerel. it doesn’t have much of a tail compared to the other 2 speckled sussex and it’s comb is larger and pinker and it has the beginning of wattles coming in. i will attach some pictures of the chick in question tell me what your opinion is! thank you!
they all looked exactly the same when they first came home and they all came out of the same bin but as they were growing that’s when i noticed a difference in the one. they were all supposed to be speckled sussex... the chick in question really don’t have much of a tail compared to my other two sussex. and it has more black in it and that fluorescent green like a mallard duck. if it’s a different breed but still a hen i’m fine with that i just don’t think having 3 roosters and only 11 hens would work.
that was what that chick looked like when i first brought it home. is that what an ancona looks like as a tiny chick? (it’s the brown one with the dark strip down it’s back)

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