this carnt be normal

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by wcah, Aug 9, 2013.

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    Feb 5, 2012
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    Just been giving my turks there tablets, and watched them, some are doing firm poos, which is fine, some are doing semi soft/runny poos, which again i suposs is fine. But some are doing propper squits, which is very dark from what i could see, as as soon as that turkey squits all the others jump on it and gobble it up. Whys is that? I was so amazed iv been sat in with them for over an hour just waiting for them to poo to make sure my eyes hadnt decieved me.
    Now this carnt be normal.
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    Feb 5, 2012
    Shropshire, England. UK
    A vidio of it happening
  3. Its not uncommon for Fowl to eat the droppings there is protein still in the droppings that the birds do not proses.
    All my birds have soft to firm bowl movements mostly gray to brownish in color with a white cap that is healthy.
    if they have what looks to be the runs being that the bowel movement pools then there is something wrong and it needs to be treated.
    This could be a parasite such as worms or just being sick or a bad diet.
    A good diet and D.E. from time to time keeps my fowl with healthy large Bowl movements.
    D.E. is diatomaceous earth food grade if you do not know what this is research it on the Internet.
    I put about 2 big hand fulls of D.E. in a 5 gallon bucket of feed every 2 weeks during the summer months and less during the colder months.
    Yogurt is good to get the bowls back in shape and they love it get the stuff with the active cultcher in it.
    Apple cider vinegar is good to add to there water as well to keep them healthy.
    By looking at your video you have a problem there I would say there digestive track is not pulling what they need out of the food and there hungry all the time fix the poo problem and make sure they get all the food they need if they keep eating the poo it just keeps going threw them.

    I don't know What Tablets your talking about I do not give my Fowl Meds I keep it all natural.
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    I've been throwing out a lot of garden scraps to my chickens (170+ nine week olds) and Turkeys (19, eight week olds), in the past week they had had 8 or 9 cantaloupe, not to mention lots of other garden veggies and I have noticed that many of then have soft stool at times, almost looks like a brown great stuff expanding foam. With all the fresh garden items, I would guess this is normal, but being a first time poultry owner, I don't know.
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    Like Frank said, your turkeys may need a feed higher in protein. At least 28% protein! If you can't find turkey starter, use game bird feed. I would let them eat all they wanted at this age. They should be fine after worming and better feed.
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    they are on 20% protein traditional turkey growers, which they have acces to 24hrs a day, they also have a lettice at breakfast, and about 2 hand fulls of grass twice a day,i have started giving them a poultry mix of grit,which they love. And they water is cleaned and changed twice a day which has a garlic clove in it. Cart remember why i was to put garlic in the water but my chickens have had it for over a year now so i thought the turkeys would come to no harm with it. They have finished the Metronidazole tablets which the vet gave for the poss blackhead. I tryed natural yogert but they didnt realy tuckin so havent given it again. When can i start given then corn or wheat? They are 9 weeks old now.
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    You're giving grit at 9 weeks old?
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    Feb 5, 2012
    Shropshire, England. UK
    Yeh im giving them grit. Am i doing wrong by this? I thought that if they were eating greens they would need it.
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    I'd cut down on `greens' and go with higher protein, easily digested, additions to regular diet, i.e., meal worms/crickets/crushed hard boiled egg. Insofar as grit is concerned, chap. 7 of this useful manual describes utility/size of grit:
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    If they had blackhead, it's possible that they have a secondary infection like e. Coli. Talk to your vet.


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