this is kind of sad and yet also makes me mad at the same time

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    Jan 18, 2008
    ok i saw this on the boston craigslist today and its sort of sad but also makes me mad. this bunny needs a new home because his owners are going back to school and cant take him with them, they bought him over the summer. hes adorable and i wish i could take him, especially since hes near me (boston area), but unfortuanately i cant because i already have a rabbit so im not sure theyd get along (my bunny is very sweet and im sure this one is too but bonding rabbits can be VERY difficult), plus i really dont think my parents would approve or allow another bunny in the house especially since we want a dog and having one rabbit is hard enough so even though hes really cute and i would like to take him i cant. but it just makes me mad because they should have thought of that sooner, apparently they bought him from a professional rabbitry in june so hes like 4 months old but i think its so dumb to buy a pet when you know youre going to have to go back to school and/or get rid of him in a few months, and even if you didnt know that pets werent allowed back at school/on campus (which you should know, its basically common sense as most public places dont allow pets, especcially messy and/or caged ones), then you should at least look up the rules before getting one, its common sense and this couldve been avoided, obviously they werent thinking very responsibly or in the best interest of this rabbit when they got him, i just hope goes to a good home, they owe it to him, now im sure they probably had good intentions and took care of him but now theyre having to get rid of him because theyre going back to school so obviously they were NOT thinking LONG TERM for and in the best interests of this animal and its really a shame because hes beautiful and seems so sweet so i really hope they find this fellow a good forever home, they owe it to him... heres the link to the ad if you wanna see it: and sorry for the long ramble, it just kinda bugs me is all, some people, i swear... [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Ooooooooh Grasshopper, you are very wise!
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    Jan 18, 2008
    haha, thanks [​IMG], this rabbit is so cute and im sure they love him and he probably loves them now too so it just kind of makes me mad that they would do this too him, obviously they werent thinking... [​IMG]
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    I have two rabbits now thanks to craigslist ads. I don't know why I keep looking, they frustrate me the same way! It's extremely irritating to see how irresponsible people are with their pets.
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    People treat pets like they are throw aways, expendable and its sad. We beleive if we get an animal its here to stay. Whatever problems we have with the animal we deal with them as they come alone. Whatever the problem is. It really is sad. I can't stay mad about it because I would be mad all the time. [​IMG]

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