this is my splash ameruacana is it a boy?


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Jan 15, 2014
He or she is roughly 15weeks, could be a week or so older. This chicken is a pure ameraucana she has the blue gene from both parents causing her to be grey and white. This is my first one of this breed does anyone know when the girls combs start to turn red? It is a pale pink right now. I do have a boy , but he is the blue gene ameraucana(he is black with tented blue feathers) he is the same age and it is obvious he is a boy. (deep red comb and already is crowing)



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Sep 3, 2011
Northern KY
Look for saddle feathers. By 15 weeks, you should be able to find them developing if that is a roo. You may have to look under the feathers on the back to find them.
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