thought i had EEs and orpingtons


Apr 21, 2015
So these guys just hatched yesterday. I put we eggs, Dominique, buff, and chantecler under a broody they are not looking the way my other hatch did at all!! One even has feathered feet?? I didn't have a brahama till after putting eggs under the broody
These are my chicks! The light colored ones I came out of the eggs I thought were my Buff Chantecler/orpingtons??

This one has feathered feet I don't know where that came from??

The muffs make me think they are my EEs but I figured those were my Buff??

< The black chick in this picture has a white spot assuming this is my Dominique

The black one with the white spot on the top of its head is definately your dominique.
The tan one with the grey on its back is an easter egger for sure.
That little feather foot chick really does look like a brahama .
Maybe a bunch look more like australorp because I don't see any buff orpington chicks in there.
I'm thinking that none of them are from my buff... It makes since now, because she went broody a week before I placed the eggs under her. She wasn't laying any by then so I guess your right there can't be any buffs.

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