thought was prolapse, now looks like a wound!


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Jun 29, 2007
kay, chicken with blood from bottom, large, round protrusion, thought was prolapse. warm bath, washed off, put on honey. later when checking i see that she pooped, so looked, protrusion still there...but the vent (where she pooped, they use the same opening for egg-laying, right?) is ABOVE this. now it appears she has a golf-ball size tear in her bottom, though the "inside" skin is still holding everything in. she's eating and talking. do i need to sew this up or maybe it will heal by itself? don't really see myself as a chicken butt sewer...she does not seem to be in any pain from this...have her separated now, she is drying off from her bath, and I will keep her in the kennel among the other chickens tonight...any ideas? my only EE. thanks!

do not put bird back with the other chickens...they will peck at it... so keep her separated till totally healed. Do you have a pic?
no, no pic yet...when I took her back out (she is in the travel kennel inside the coop, not happy about THAT) i noted one of my other birds also had a bloody butt...though no "open wound" like the EE's. and one of the banty has some feathers missing on her back...maybe maybe they are picking each other and THAT caused it...well, will keep her separated, then the black separated from her and the rest, meaning the rest have to stay outside tomorrow! at least it will be 20s, so much nicer for them (they are protected from wind, warmer there sometimes than in coop because of sun). if gets worse will post pic's, hoping for now it is just from picking. stupid things. will do the triple ab, keep moist, all that. will let all know how turns out...thanks for the feedback!


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