Thoughts/Experience with Vinyl Coated Hardware Cloth 1/2 inch 48x50 19 Gauge?


Feb 8, 2021
so i am reading some reviews before i buy this wire... and saw these pictures with a one star review.... so ahm what could have caused this? wire defect? bad installation? or what the heck happened??
anyone bought this specific brand of wire before?



This is what the person said "I still have one more roll that I purchased and I wish I could return it. I never thought about returning it until this morning. The first time the fencing broke, we thought it was user error. The second time, we thought it was user error but started to doubt the product. We reinforced it with more hardware. This is now the THIRD time this fence has been broken by the strength of raccoons. And you can see by the picture it’s not even a big raccoon!"

So.... if this damage was done by a baby racoon? i am not sure if it can hold up against an adult racoon or a mid size cat! LOL..... is 19 gauge that weak??

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