Thoughts of a commune


9 Years
Mar 23, 2010
Rock Hill,SC
I always had ideas in my head of starting a sort of hippie commune in South Carolina:

Accepts all religions
Communal Farming
Communal Living (separate homes of course)
Communal space
Bartering would be the main source of income
We would have our external jobs for one year until adaptable living is aquired,then leave the job market forever.
when a new member/s come in,we build a home and barn for them, like the amish.
Alternative means of power (solar,waterwheel,wind,etc)
self sustaining environment

This idea would help most of us here who have been or are being hit with this economy.
I'll pitch in part of my yearly salary to start.

We would need:

Land ( 20 or so acres to start)
homes ( myself I would like earthen homes like cob homes in the shape of Lukes Tatoine Less environmental impact.
Everyone will get an acre of personal space.
The community garden must be thrice the personal space of residents.
communal government
no tourists allowed onto the commune property,but you can sell your commune crafty items on the outside of commune (one acre outside of commune will be set for stands to sell goods and produce for self and commune money).

we would need all sorts of teachers in skilled crafts and knowledge.if you are not one,you will be by learning.

Ahhhh..the land of Goshen indeed!

any more to add to this?

If I buy the starter 20 acres of land,who is in with me???

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