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    Nov 3, 2010
    I was thinking of building a breeder barn for my silkies and ducks and also keeping my layers in there. I looked into a 18X21 carport which actually is a 18X20 frame. I was going to put a platform with a sealed wood floor down and then have them put in the carport on top of the platform. I was going to completely enclose it in and put an exhaust fans and several windows covered in chainlink and welded wire with plexiglass inserts for the winter. For now the plans are to put 5 pens measuring 3x7 and one pen measuring 5x7 down one side of the carport. Later on I would add more pens to the other side that are the same size and that would leave a 4 foot walkway. All I need right now is 6 pens. There would be 6 silkies maximum in each pen and the bigger pen is for my bf's pekins. It would have watering nipples hanging from pvc line that is fed from 5 gallon buckets and also pvc corner feeders to save on space in the pens. These birds get outside daily so they would not be spending their life in the pens. They are living (well all they really do is sleep in them) in 3x7 pens now and it seems to be working out as I have had no problems with them. The old barn has just had it and is starting to cave in. The pens would leave with 6 birds max 3.5 square feet per bird when they are in there. Ducks would have 8.75 square feet per duck.

    It would have electric for lights, exhaust fan, and a heated watering system for winter of course.

    Just looking for some thoughts, opinions and any ideas that someone would have.

    If anyone is wondering on cost, around $1500.00 for this setup with us doing everything but setting the carport up.
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