Three Pullets?


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7 Years
Apr 9, 2012
Our babies are 7 weeks old now. We have 3 bantams and one standard from Ideal. We know that one of our bantams is definitely a cockerel. I'm hoping that the other 3 are pullets. Can anyone tell me if I'm right? Any breed guesses are welcome too! :)

Our cockerel on the left, Mystery Chick #1 (Amelia) on the right

Mystery Chick #2 (Vivian)

Mystery Chick #3 (Noodle) on the left.

Shoot, I have no idea why the pics are so small!
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Let's try this again!
#1 on right:



#2 left, #3 right
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Thanks! I hope you're right! :)

Only one guess?? I would love it if more of y'all would weigh in. Any breed or gender guesses?

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