thunder and rain then covered in mud

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by homecatmom, Aug 30, 2007.

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    At 3am this morning it was 86 degrees here in So.Cal. We were awoken by a clap of thunder that shook the house so bad I actually thought we were having an earthquake. About 1 minute later the sky opened up and it started pouring rain. I had to check the babies to see if they were scared. Ran out the back door, across the patio, through the gate, unlatched the slippery lock on the run and ran to the coop...Four babies were sleeping away perched on the edge of their box. No longer worried about them I turned to make the return trip to the house and promptly fell on my butt, in the mud! Now I'm muddy from head to toe and the house lights all went off...NO POWER. Took a flashlight and took a quick shower, put on clean P.J.'s and climbed back into bed. Husbands alarm went off at 3:30 so it was time to get up and start my day. How have your days started?
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    Wow that sucks. All I can do is hope my pets are doing ok at home.
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    Apr 16, 2007
    That is TERRIBLE!!! I would hate to fall in mud. But hey, you got to use my soap right??!!

    My morning was the same as always. I get up at 8:15, take out the male cats, feed the strays, kiss the dog goodmorning, let out the chickens, watch the rooster dance, take the cover off my cockatiel's cage and go into the office to check BYC.
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    Ha, Ha!!! Well, I'm in central California, up in the foothills. We're having some interesting weather, too. Sometime very early this morning we were awakened by horrendous thunder and lightening. We just layed in bed and watched it - pretty spectacular!! It was 6:20 when we left for work and it was very hot outside - yuck!!!! As we were driving down the hill to work several fire trucks and trucks hauling bulldozers, etc. passed us going up into the mountains - not a good sign.

    I didn't fall on my butt in the mud, but my 2 huge puppies jumped all over me with muddy paws as I was trying to get to the car to go to work. Does that count?


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