time of laying an egg


6 Years
Apr 18, 2017
If my coturnix quail layed an egg yesterday at 7:00 o'clock, will she lay her next egg tomorrow at the same time? (7:00)
How does it work?
When will she lay her next egg if she laid yesterday at 7:00 ?
The same time approx ?
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It will vary. I've read a few different places that it takes 25 hours to make an egg, and they occasionally take a day off, so there's no set pattern. Plus there's no clock in the coops, so they really don't go by a strict schedule. :) My quail mostly lay eggs in the evening, and my chickens mostly lay eggs in the morning, but I've had some get completely off schedule before.
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I don't know? My quail seem to lay late in the day, every day. Some will pop out an egg in the afternoon and some won't lay til almost sundown! I collect eggs the next morning.

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