Tinted egg verses Easter egger

Yes, different colored eggs are wonderful. Different looking chickens are also wonderful! I have a little of both! Remember that a brown colored egg is just coated with what is called a "bloom". Crack it open and the inside of the shell is white. A blue or green egg is not a bloom, the color goes all the way through the eggshell to the inside. Tell this to your friends, show them and they will think you are the smartest person on the planet!

Saturday eggs small.jpg
I am asking about the eggs for breeding purposes.
Like hatch rate? EE eggs hatch just as well as any breed, and aren't difficult in that regard. Mommy bird wise, I have never owned Russian Orloffs, but both are good mother birds, and very intelligent! I don't know how likely either breed is to go broody, but EE's are also very intelligent and great at avoiding predators.

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