Tiny Tiny flea-like black bug

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Georgia Nana, Apr 19, 2012.

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    When I go into the hen house to gather eggs, clean, etc. I usually come back inside with one or two teensy-tiny black crawling/jumping bugs on me, especially in my hair. They do not bite, but will drive one crazy moving around. Have to get in the shower or get DH to search through my hair until he finds and removes it.
    Usually, when he opens his fingers to kill it, it jumps off and disappears before the deed is done!
    The ones that we did manage to capture are not smooshy...they are hard to kill like fleas.
    What is this bug?
    I wormed my hens with Eprinex and put Sevin dust in the hen house last week, but I am still getting them on me.
    The hens have no sign of this bug (at least the ones I held upside down and examined).

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    I don't know much about mites and such but that would be my first guess. If it were me, I'd pick up some DE (food-grade Diatomaceous Earth) and spread it liberally around the coop including bedding, roosts, nest boxes etc.
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    Sounds like bird lice to me...I've seen those on wild birds. But they are more grey than black from what I've seen..but the size and nature sound the same.
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    You might be dealing with stick tight fleas. Since they suck blood, I'm surprised the eprinex didnt kill them. Either that or the eprinex is working and they're dislodging from your birds and jumping off. Here's a couple of links about them, they tend to congregate on the bare skin around the chickens heads:
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