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    Apr 18, 2010
    I have a 6 month old Rhode Island Red who I noticed falling over yesterday afternoon as she was out free-ranging. She lays on her side with legs stretched out (almost as if she's sunning/stretching). She gets up and starts walking like she's drunk with her head cocked sideways. I watched her eat and drink, then she flew up to her favorite roost spot on top of the nest boxes in the evening. I checked on her last night and she was roosting happily. This morning she was already down from her roosting spot. Her poo looks normal - maybe not as much as usual, but consistency/color is "right." I tried feeding her hard-boiled egg yolk with some b-complex mixed in - she just looked at it funny. (everyone else gobbled it up though!) She ate some layer crumbles & drank then went along the wall to keep herself up. She was not vaccinated for Mareks and none of the other girls show any signs of problems. She doesn't seem "scrawny" or injured, but I don't think she's laying either. Her vent seems normal as well - nothing "draining" and not "dirty." Suggestions of what I can supplement/feed her or do for her??
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    Maybe try some Vitamins & Electrolyes in their water. You could try gatorade or pedialyte w/o iron.

    Also make sure that she's not getting into any food that may be moldy or anything that may be poisonous.

    Good luck


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