To heat or not to heat~ that is the question

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Rachel'sFlock, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. My 5.5 wk old Aussies are out in their new coop, and our weather is keeping the temps in the high 50's daytime, and high 40's overnight.
    Last night was their first night out, and I left the light on, because I felt they would need the heat, as it isn't even close to 70 degrees in there or out here.
    But in the days leading up to them going outdoors, I had been leaving the light off, at night, and letting them sleep.
    Do you Chicken experts feel I should continue to use the heat lamp, or can the huddle enough in a 55ish degree coop to remain warm at that age?
    Thanks, in advance, as always

    Bright Blessings
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    You could leave it on and see what they do. They'll move away during the day, if they are warm enough. My chicks are about the same age. They don't need the heat anymore, but at night it's getting to just about 60. Last week it dipped to about 50-55 and they were cold and huddled underneath the lamp. They'll let you know, just give them room to move away.
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    You might try a blacklight bulb; its warm and more like, well....dark...

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