To the person who dumped 40 pekins on the side of the road..

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    Thank you for being a cruel jerk. Your ducks are now in my chicken coop after I drove them home in my car. At least 6 good samaritans stopped to help us get them into the car. They loathe you as well.

    Anyways, here's a story, for you all! As you can probably gather, I just brought home 40 pekin ducks in our SUV. This all started at about 3:00 EST, when my mom's employee comes in to relieve her of duty and says (knowing we have ducks, geese, and chickens), "Niki! You wouldn't believe what I saw off of (road name)! A giant flock of 40 or 50 white ducks! They were stopping traffic and causing mayhem.. It was so cool!" My first thought was to a craigslist add from a couple weeks ago.. 40 pekin ducks for sale. We responded to it to get a couple, but we never got a response. We left after minimal conversation about them. We slowed down a bit when we got near there.. And sure enough, we saw the 40 of them covered in dirt, eating gravel, panting. We pulled over and then the fanfare began.

    The Park Police came soon and we explained that someone needed to get them. They called animal control and a rescue place. Both said they wouldn't come out for them. They told us that we could take them if we wanted and make sure they go to a good home, brought us a huge thing of water and a feeding pan for them, and then left. So, we started doing research on them the way you do in any small town - we went and asked the people at the post office and the general store whose they were. I stayed and watched them while my mom went. While she was out, she found out that they had been causing mayhem for the past 3 days, running up and down the road, laying in the road, and being general trouble causers. She also found out whose they were - someone who lived a few minutes away. SO, she went over to their house.

    Apparently, the owner of the ducks had become a trucker and decided to release the ducks "into the wild". When my mom told his mother it was illegal, she seemed shocked but said they couldn't do anything. She told my mom to run them into the lake and then politely asked her to leave. (Then she let her huge, vicious bull mastiff out.) So, my mom returned and I was still there, occasionally herding the ducks back into their neat little flock.

    After calling a few places, we found out that no one could really help, but they all supported us taking them home and dispersing them as we saw fit, as it was obviously illegal and they were most likely going to die. So, we start calling in our friends. While we're doing this, one of my friend from school's dad sees us and says he'll bring a tarp for us to put them on in the car. After 20 or so minutes, it is my mom, my mom's friend and his son, the guy who brought the tarp, and I trying to herd the ducks up a ramp into our car. This DID NOT work, and after about 30 minutes of trying, we went to a new strategy - round 'em up and grab 'em. Someone jumped out to film us, but we got him helping too! (some other people watched and did not help, but they were quickly shooed off by other people). We had a few escapees and ducks trying to run out into traffic (the road they were on is REALLY busy), but we worked on it for a while. So then, we had 40 hot, hungry ducks in our car. Luckily, we live about 3 minutes away, so we soon had them home. We backed up to our nearly empty chicken coop, put a board across the gap, opened the back, crawled in there and shooed them into the coop. We gave them food (they ate over 10 pounds in minutes, and it sounded like we were having an earthquake because they were going at it so hard) and 3 different things of water. We also removed the chickens, who are SCARED of the ducks. Then, at around 6:30, we had 40 very happy ducks.

    I just went out to give them more water and peas. They have quieted down and look pretty content. Some of them are playing in the water and some are sleeping.. Normal duck stuff, I guess. I am pretty sure we have somewhere around 40 and only 1 or 2 drakes. We cannot keep them all, but we could not leave them to eat gravel and eventually either starve/dehydrate or get picked off by foxes. If you live in MD or the surrounding area or feel like taking a road trip, please PM me for details! I would love to rehome to a BYCer. They can go in numbers as little as 4 to the entire flock (minus the ones we decide to keep).

    So.. I thought I had to share this story. Sometimes people make me SO mad. [​IMG]

    Here are some of them swimming..


    And eating peas. [​IMG]


    That's all for now. Thanks for reading! I'll update on them soon.

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    OMG!! I can't believe someone would do that! I guess I can believe it, but would like to think better of people!
    You are a wonderful person for saving ALL THOSE DUCKS! I wish I did live closer, I couldn't take any, but I wish I could
    supply you with some food, they will be going through food like crazy, I know w/ the few I have that free range all day, still eat a ton!

    I like to believe those people who did that will get what's coming to them.... I know that sounds terrible, but what they did is just awful!!

    Bless your heart and thank you for doing what you do!!
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    That is quite a story and you guys are definitely brave good samaritans!
  4. Michele_Lynd

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    Apr 6, 2009
    my hubby and I would love to have some but we live to far away:hit my daughter loves pekin ducks it her fav breed people make me so mad:mad: to just turn them lose like that there should be something done to those people that just abaned them
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    Good thing you got them all rounded up and safe now. They look happy as can be now in the pictures.

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    May 9, 2010
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    You all are GOOD people! Thank you and all who helped you to rescue these poor ducks! I can't imagine trying to herd/catch 40 ducks, but so very glad you had the heart to do it! I hope you find "good" homes for all you can't keep. Obviously they didn't have one before! I live too far away to help thin your flock, but I hope folks in your area will step up and help you rehome these ducks. I would report these people to the police/humane society...they could have caused someone to have a wreck! Not to mention the pure cruelty of just turning them out with no food/water.
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    Wow... I mean... Wow!
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    Wow!!! What a story! I can't believe he got responses to his craigslist ad, didn't respond to them and STILL dumped them!! People never fail to amaze me!
  9. wegotchickens

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] You did a good thing. I know you will find homes for them soon.

  10. Great job! I hope you're able to find good homes for these guys. Shame on the jerk who dumped them.

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