Toad Raising.


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Jun 18, 2013
Btw the eggs are huge!! I have to mark them so I do not confuse them with turkey eggs.
are you really that senile?

I lost another toad hen today. I did not think I would lose anymore toads this winter. BUT this 20 below stuff can surprise you, the weak ones seem to just keel over in it.
:hugs sorry

I hope to be npip this year

They do slightly better than CX but they still don't like heat from what I have read on here.

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Apr 19, 2018
Salisbury, North Carolina
I was talking in a chat room about the Meat chickens I create with various crossings and ended up mentioning Toads and an elderly friend of mine who raises chickens and also farms in Minnesota became very interested in toads based on how I described them and started asking where he could get some. I sent him a link to this thread. Hopefully I got someone to sign up and become a new member to BYC. Maybe I helped the demand for Toads to increase. Are people still just breeding and tinkering Toads or is anyone at the point of producing Chicks or Hatching Eggs to sell to people who just raise and produce meat?


Feb 17, 2016
Central Minnesota
I would not necessary say we are doing better......we are still in the tinkering stages. (Maybe the sustaining stage would be a better word.)

In the last 2 weeks I lost 2 of 5 hens. My hens were 1 year old in March. They both prolapsed their entire large intestine. So far I have hatched 1 pullet and 8 cockerels this year. Yes the rooster GODS love me. I did set another 20 eggs last night though. With any luck the rooster Gods will not be in my favor.

They are definitely a bottom of the pecking order breed that need their own brooder and adult pens. They are slow to feather and quick to be pecked at or picked on. I am hoping to breed some vitality back into them.
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