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Jul 11, 2014
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I would not necessary say we are doing better......we are still in the tinkering stages. (Maybe the sustaining stage would be a better word.)

In the last 2 weeks I lost 2 of 5 hens. My hens were 1 year old in March. They both prolapsed their entire large intestine. So far I have hatched 1 pullet and 8 cockerels this year. Yes the rooster GODS love me. I did set another 20 eggs last night though. With any luck the rooster Gods will not be in my favor.

They are definitely a bottom of the pecking order breed that need their own brooder and adult pens. They are slow to feather and quick to be pecked at or picked on. I am hoping to breed some vitality back into them.

I lost a 2 1/2 year old hen today. So I am down to 2 hens and Bert. I blame the death on Bert. He has a tendency to over breed. I would kick him out of the pen, but he would be dead in 24 hours. They just do not do well with other birds.

They are so far down the pecking order the sparrows beat the crap out of them.

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