Todays comedy


5 Years
Apr 15, 2015
Comes to you courtesy of 2 day old chicks:
they all wanted to go outside for a bit and had them playing in an empty kiddie pool they had been outside playing for about an hour when something startled them and they all ran to the box and cheeped to come back inside the house lol.

They do so enjoy their time outside but decided on using the kiddie pool to keep them contained as think they would give a road runner a run for the money.


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I tell ya mine hate brooders and heat lamps lol, but they are getting out and about with the flock and not being bothers as chicks have been raised by broodies in the flock before
the 2 browns are Easter Eggers Americauna Rooster over Rhode Island Red hens
the smallest white one is pure Rhode Island White
the bigger white one is a mutt, obviously the extra Rhode Island White rooster got my black hen that lays olive eggs.

Sad face though, posted them locally and they are already sold and leaving in the morning
Aww :(
I have a hard time selling them when they're still tiny and adorable.
Once they get a bit bigger and start to have teenage attitude they're a lot easier for me to part with :D
it's never easy but it supports the addiction to pushing the limits with chicken math. I just set for a September hatch as was gonna keep a couple of those but she said she had to have all 4 of them so I guess this ends this comedy :) but 15 eggs just went into the incubator too lol and ordered another incuturn for the big incubator lol
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