Tomatillo Pork?

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    I used to have a recipe for"tomatillo pork". It was made with a lot of onions and a salsa verde and served over rice or in a flour tortilla. We used to top it with sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes and cheeses.
    I know I got it off a small can of tomatillos, (20 years ago) but I cannot find it now.
    If you or someone you know makes it-please share!
    Thanks In Advance,
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    Oh wow..that sounds good..hope someone answers this!!
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    May 19, 2009
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    I Have Made Chili Verde In The Past With Fresh Tomatillos-they Grow In My Garden Every Year- As Well As Eveeywhere Else Their Seeds Dispers To.
    I Cut One Large Onion Into Chunks And Cut15-20 Tomatillos In Half And Place Fac Down On Foil, I Also Cut 2 Or 3 Jalapenos In Half And A Couple Of Cloves Of Garlic. I Roast All Of These On The Bbq; I'm Sure It Coul Be Done In The Oven Too. The Roasting Helps To Calrmelize The Sugars In The Onion And Tomatillos. After Roasting I Place In A Food Processor And Process Of Course.
    I Usually Use This Sauce On Slowly Simmered Country Style Pork Ribs; Boneless And Cut Into Cubes. I Pour On The Sauce After It Is Fall Apart Tender And Simmer For A Little While. Oh, And Don't Forget To Add A Couple Of Tablespoons Of Granulated Sugar To The Sauce In The Processor.
    This Is How I Do It, And Have Even Made Large Batches For Canning, Just Up The Recipe And Change For Taste. Good Luck And Hope This Helps.

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