Too big of a brooder?


6 Years
Apr 3, 2014
I have a brooder kit that has a roll of cardboard for the brooder, so I thought I could just put that in a kiddie pool that we own and then it would protect our floor. But the problem is that the kiddie pool is a little less then 20 sq ft and we are only getting 4 chicks.
Is that too big? The cardboard roll is also 20 sq ft. We will probably get some extra male chicks to raise with them. I kind of don't have anything else to put under it and I can't make it smaller if it's in the kiddie pool.
It may seem too big for now, but trust me they will grow very quickly. Before you know it, one day you will walk in to check on them and they will be sitting up on the top edge peeping at you. Mine are three weeks old and can already flew pretty good. The biggest concern, this early is to make sure the heat lamp is on and can keep them warm. I really don't think you can have a space too big--Good luck!
I had 7 standard Ameraucana chicks in a 9 square foot brooder, and with in 3 weeks it was way too small and had to transfer them to the bigger brooder...bigger is better. All you have to do is put a dividing wall to shrink it down a bit at first if you're concerned about keeping heat in and expand it out as they grow...
The bigger the brooder the better! Chicks grow so fast, you're going to be scrambling for a bigger enclosure! Just as long as there's room for the chicks to get underneath the heat lamp and there's room for the chicks to get away from the heat lamp just in case it's too hot, you'll do just fine! Have fun raising your chicks!
Go big to begin with. Mine have been in a Rubbermaid tub in the laundry room since Mon., 8 babies. Today I got 5 more & made a brooder out of the dog kennel. In only a few days time they were already hoping on top of the feeders. Here's a pic so you can get the kennel idea.
Ours are on their 3rd brooder. When I first put them in our xl rubber maid tub I thought it was huge but, they out grew it in just over a week, then I moved them to a large dog kennel and they out grew that too so now they're in a tipped over storage cabinet with the shelves removed and a screen over top... I'm sure they'll out grow this one too so hubby better get working on their coop!!!
ITA with all the above - no such thing as "too big", and if it seems too large at first you can section it off and then let it "grow" with the chicks (and they WILL grow, FAST!!)

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