Too early to ultrasound goats?


Jan 13, 2019
So we bred our four goats this Fall. We *think* they are pregnant, as they haven't gone into heat after breeding. However, we want to be absolutely sure they are pregnant, so we aren't feeding open goats all winter long. We also want to find out ASAP so we can re-breed them if they are indeed open. We scheduled to have the vet come out tomorrow to perform the ultrasounds. Lyla the Nigerian Dwarf is almost 40 days pregnant. Blossom the Nubian is about 38, and Ponderosa the Mini Alpine is 33. Cassie the Saanen is only about 14 days pregnant, so she will NOT be receiving an ultrasound tomorrow. The other three WILL. However, I've been reading that only after 45 days are trans abdominal ultrasounds dependable, however they CAN be done earlier sometimes. Before that, transrectal ultrasounds are usually preferred. However, that seems invasive to me I'd like to not do that. What do you think the vet will do? Should I re-schedule? Have any of ya'll had successful early pregnancy ultrasounds? Thanks

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