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Apr 18, 2020
So my daughter and I had decided to get a few chickens. We kept getting told to get at least 1-2 more than we wanted to end up with, since it's easy to lose some, especially in the baby stage. We couldn't get one of the breeds we wanted right away, so we got 3 (Easter Eggers) to start. We were waiting on Salmon Favorelles, and just found out we probably won't be able to get them this year because apparently people are (hoarding? stockpiling?) them. Ok. We have a chance to get some Blue Sapphires, just 2-3. Now we are concerned that one of our eggers might possibly be a rooster. They are about 4-4 1/2 weeks old, one is a little bigger. But anyway, I don't want to just get one Blue, since they will be quite a bit younger. So my dilemma is- 1) if this one is a rooster, I probably will have to re-home it (I don't think we can have roosters where I am, though I do hear a rooster or 2 crowing in the area) 2) if it is a hen, and my 2 new ones both survive (which I fully plan on) I'm going to end up with 5 chickens, which may be 1 more than allowed. I know, I should find out for sure on the amount, I guess I don't want to jinx anything. I also don't want to have to get rid of any, they are like pets to us, and part of me gets bugged that the neighbors on one side of me have a dog they keep chained out back (which is illegal here, but no one seems to care) and the neighbors on the other side have 3 dogs that tend to behave like a pack of wild dogs when let out, but I might have a big problem if I have 1 chicken more than allowed. (Sorry, just frustrated) Anyway, has anyone had a similar situation (the chicken part I mean) or any possible solutions to share?
I am in a similar situation.

I ordered 15 chicks from a hatchery, fully expecting that most would not survive. 13 did. The city laws say I can have 6 chickens, but the neighborhood laws (which I did not know about) say no chickens. I now also have four eight-week-old chicks, and I am pretty sure two are roosters.

Total, this gives me fifteen hens and two roos. I really want to keep the roos, so I am planning to order no-crow collars.

None of my neighbors mind the chickens, most of them think the free eggs are great.

Something that irritates me is that multiple dogs have gotten into our walled yard by climbing the walls. They didn't bother the chickens, but one ripped one of my rabbits' cages apart. The rabbit was fine, but it still irks me. The neighbor was apologetic. The rabbits are pets and ARE allowed.

Anyways, I would say that you should check the laws, but unless someone complains, keep your chickens.
Hi there. I'm guessing you're only allowed 4 chickens per household in your community? I don't advocate breaking the law, but one chicken too many is hardly criminal in my opinion. 2 newbies will integrate with your current crew easier than a single so you should get 2. As for the roo, you can try rehoming him but I don't see that happen very often. If you hear roosters in your neighborhood it would be a good idea to find out what the rules are before you make any decisions about him. Also, if you post pics of your suspected roo in the what breed or gender forum you might be able to figure out if you indeed have a boy. Pics of the comb at this age would be best. Good luck with your flock!
I guess I'd approach it a little differently. Are eggs a priority for you? Assuming you do have 1 boy and end up rehoming him, I'd wait until next year or even the year after to add 2 more chicks, as hens over 2 years old will start declining in egg production.

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