Too many treats for pullets?

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    Hi there, this is my first time posting anything to this site! (BYC is awesome)
    We have 6 week old pullets and I've been giving them some treats such as watermelon, cherries, pears, etc. I was wondering if it is possible to "ruin their appetite" for their starter/grower feed, which I am assuming has very balanced nutrition for growing birds. I have been reading threads about giving chickens lots of dairy and meat as well as fruits and vegetables and I didn't see any statements about whether this is more appropriate for full-grown hens versus pullets. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!
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    Welcome to BYC this place is great. We spoil our layers also they seem to get along real good. there are somethings you are not supposed to feed them, there is a list here somewhere. E njoy BYC!![​IMG]
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    You want their total intake of treats to be no more than roughly ten percent of their daily intake.
    They love the treats, but they really do need the complete nutrition of their starter/grower food. Three things that my chicks get that I don't consider "treats" - grasshoppers/crickets (lots of protein), hard boiled egg (also, lots of protein) and yogurt (good for their digestive tract).
    As adults you'll also want them to focus mainly on their layer feed and what they can forage for themselves in the form of greens and bugs. Go too far overboard with the treats in adult hens and it is possible to upset their nutrition balance enough to adverserly affect their laying.
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    lsdonovan--You won't mind cutting back on some of your regular treats after you watch them with grasshoppers and mealworms.....[​IMG] HYSTERICAL [​IMG]

    ETA: [​IMG]
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