Too soon to move the ducks out to the coop?


5 Years
Apr 8, 2014
I got both chickens and ducks from Tractor Supply.

The ducks have grown incredibly fast. (here's video:

The ducks are spilling a lot of water, and thus making the Brooder stinky. Is it too soon to move them out to the coop? The chickens need another week or 2 at least before I can move them out.

Would the ducks and chickens have a hard time re-integrating if I separated them for a couple weeks?
About 7 weeks now. They are enormous. I moved them to the coop last week.
I normally put ducks outside long before 7 weeks and no there
should not be a problem with getting them back together as I
do it all the time and ducks are so much more harder then
chickens are by far and ducks are less of a worry then chicken's ..

Some of my flock as little guy's

Same flock just last January

I've kept the locked in there for a week, so their internal compass knows it's home base. Going to let them outside to roam today.

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