too young to be broody ?


6 Years
We have a Chantecler / americauna cross that was born at the end of march & just started laying about 3 weeks ago - now for the past couple days she is spending most of the time sitting in a nest box. Seems a little young to be broody, or is that typical for a pullet less than 6 months old to act broody? the only other thing is we'e added a couple young cockerels into the group of 11, & maybe the change has disrupted her.
I thought my chickens were young when they went broody at 8 months old! Do you think she is really committed to hatching chicks? One way to know is if you remove her from the nest and she goes back fairly quickly. My silkies sometimes pretend to be broody for a few days, then leave the nest.
she has left for a bit for evening "treat time" , but goes back to sit .
i really dont want to be hatching any eggs this late in the year, but i guess she may have other ideas about that. We just hatched a bunch in incubator 3 weeks ago that need "adopted" , so we definately dont need any more chicks for a while
Is she setting on the nest all night as well as all day? If she stays there around the clock for 2 - 3 days, you can consider her to be committed. What you choose to do about it... that's an other story!

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