Totally confused...fowl typhoid, enteritis or else?


May 26, 2015
Hello all ,

Today I just want to know the exact symptoms of the diseases mentioned above.

My rooster is not feeling well since last two months. Not eating by himself at all. Having a bumblefoot issue too.

He had fever most of the time . Not feeling hungry. Drinking alot of water. Dropping s are small just very few a day.pale comb.

Dark brownish coloured diarrhea kind of dropping. A bit pale comb. Giving him amoxicillin round 2.

Now what should I do still no improvement. Is enrofloxacin effective against enteritis , fowl typhoid? Or lincomycin?

Please reply me as soon as possible. I am totally confused.

Where are you located? Can you ask a local vet to test his droppings for bacteria, fungus, coccidia, and worms? That is the best way to know what the problem is. Amoxicillin can treat enteritis caused by clostridium, and the dosage is 250 mg given twice a day for 5-7 days. He might have something else wrong with him.
I just looked back at your previous thread here:
He sure has had a lot of antibiotics, so I would probably hold off and just give him probiotics and healthy foods. Some chickens can have unknown illnesses going on, and we may not ever know until a necropsy is done after death. I see that you are in Pakistan, so I would try to find where you could get a necropsy if you lose him.
Yes , I am in Pakistan , I don't know exactly where it is done over here.

Can a severe bumble foot infection may cause lack of hunger anr smelly dark coloured diarrhea kind of poo?

Or enteritis and coccidiosis?

His comb again started to be pale again. Should I give him keflex? Will it work or lincomycin injectable?

I will purchase probiotics too. Multiple issues going on with my rooster. He doesn't stand like Normal. He stands a kind of neck tucked in bent back and when I try to pic him up he seems to be losing his balance. No power in wings flapping.

What should I do . I don't want to loose him because I know I am not going to get another one.

How severe a bumlefoobu can be ? And can you share some thread with pics about enteritis poos and treatment and exact symptoms?

Do enteritis repeats over and over again ?

He drinks a bit of water but didn't eat anything since last two months now.

There is something wrong with his intestinal track too.

Can I give him apple cider vinegar?

Thanks for your responses everyone , hope we are going to sort this issue out as soon as possible.!!!

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