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Discussion in 'Geese' started by Miss Lydia, Aug 17, 2012.

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    As above but as they get towards the end of the first week they'll really start to pull away. Just keep offering chopped greens for now. Ours all differ and some seem to prefer starter crumbs while others prefer the chopped greens. By the end of the first week they're all taking both and out in grazing pens for a few hours when the weather permits.
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    May 4, 2011
    Folks, I have been visiting this site off and on because we got a Toulouse from a neighbor that was moving. We have had her almost a year and can't seem to put weight on her. She seems fine, eats everything she wants. Has full access to food/water/grasses and anything else she can find. Is there something I can give her? She was laying eggs and that may have had something to do with it, but now I need to put weight on her so I can get her a gander. What should I get her?

    Also was wondering if I should get her baby gander or adult? And does anyone have any for sale?
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    [​IMG] Maybe she needs to be wormed, can you take some poo into a vet so they can tell you if she is wormy and what to get to worm her. Both of mine are a lil puny looking right now but mating is waning so hopefully that will help to get them back into their peak. either adult of gosling would work, both will have to be introduced slowly, a pen where they have fencing between them will help both to get use to each other, the gosling will take more work for you being as it might not be ready to go outside right off, and adult or juvenile will probably be pretty easy to find since folks will be wanting to find homes for their extra ganders. I never did find an Embden goose for my gander so thankfully was able to get him a Touluse goose and he is very happy. and so am I. all the best and keep us updated on what you decide and how your goose is doing.
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    I will be going to the Brighton bird swap on Mothers day this year, and hopefully they will have some there. I need to get her a mate because when she is sitting in my wife's lap I can't come near them or she will come after me. She is fine when my wife is not around but as soon as she sees her look out!!! Her poop seems fine. What would be a good wormer?
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    Yep she needs her own mate, she has chosen your wife. Not sure what those on here use, maybe research online and you can come up with something. I use natural methods and was scolded for doing so so won't mention that here. All the best in finding her a mate. [​IMG]

    Maybe this will help
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    Gosling games are hard work!

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    Their played out.. [​IMG] see what I mean about how lonely she is going to be.. [​IMG]
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    Don't worry Miss Lydia, lots of us use natural methods... not just for the birds either!
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    Geese should only be dewormed after a fecal is done

    They are immuned, but not as seceptable as chickens

    Warmer climates have to follow a stricter schedule year round then where it snows

    Ivermectin and safeguard for goats are both in our arsenal

    Clean living space. Rotated grazing space both help to keep them in good health as well

    "Natural" methods sound great, but don't have data proving they work. I know a number of poultry keepers who were all natural route. Then had a sick or puney bird or worse death. Necropsy showed massive worm load. They no longer do the pumpkin for deworming or DE or other "natural" way.

    We are a big no chemical operation, except when it comes to paracites.

    Clean space, good husbandry practices and a worming schedule for your climate.

    Where it snows : spring, fall are typical after fecal tests

    We do quarterly (as needed) since we are warm and moist

    Good luck and enjoy your weepweeps
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