TPIP "certifier" coming out tomorrow...what to expect?


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Jul 8, 2009
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For those of you who are NPIP (or, here in Texas, TPIP) certified:

What can I expect, visit wise, from the "certifier" who is coming out tomorrow to test my flock? Is he going to tell me any/every thing I might be doing wrong, or is he just going to test, certify, and leave?
Hey can you give PM me the number of who I can call about getting my flock tested this september?
How far in advance did you have to make the appointment?

I'll PM the number to you. I think he may cover your area, too...he said he has a big area. It took about two weeks for him to set aside time to come to my area, and he is making plans to cover several flocks while he's here.
Awsome... I have and am hatching x amount of chicks and I want to wait till they are all 16 weeks and then get them all TPIP!
Does it cost much?

I know you came to ask a question and I am asking you questions
instead of giving answers... sorry.
me if you need to!
Okay, well, I found out the old fashioned way -- through experience. He came, and tested a couple of hens, said the flock was clean and gave me a certificate. It is free to have your flock tested. I paid a small amount for the certificate because I'd like to sell hatching eggs out of state later on. NPIP is slightly different (TPIP is all that the great state of Texas requires) in that it includes Avian flu and one other disease (sorry my memory is failing me right now) and requires the relinquishing of three birds to be shipped off and tested (you don't get them back) and it costs close to $180.

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