Traded roos for hens, condition of new hens make me sad.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by LilBizzy, Jun 28, 2008.

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    May 20, 2008
    We got our RIR chick's 6 weeks ago. The man who sold them to us said if we ended up with Roos, he'd trade them for same age hens. We had 12 babies, and 1 died after 4 days ( tiny, weak, pastybutt) Out of the 11, 5 were definate roos.

    Here is my 6 hens, taken today. I took this to compare to the pic of the new hens. As a side note, does anyone think that the one on front right might be a roo?

    So we took the roos to trade for hens. I had 5 very happy, healthy roos. And walking around were some beautiful chickens and roosters. And there were BO babies, hubby wanted a few, but I made him resist ( no place to put them).
    Then they brought, from the farm, the trade hens. UGH! The poor things are so skinny. They feel like they weigh half what mine do. Their feet seem to be pale, where mine have yellowish feet. And their butts were dirty - like they have been laying in mud, and tail feathers are thin, broken, dirty, and missing.

    See how thin they are compared to mine?

    Here is a closeup of tail/hiney

    So, now I'm glad I was able to adopt them, but also very sad that my roosters are now going to be living under who knows what conditions.

    now, to lighten the mood a little.. here is one of my big girls hamming it up.
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    They will fatten up nice. I would put them on some vits, and worm them. Also, check them for lice.
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    Quote:I even made a cute face with a "But Honey just look how cute they are" And was suprised I still got a NO![​IMG]
    I dont think any of these are pure bred RIR's, Doesn't really matter but they were advertised in the free paper as RIR's by state Reg. grower.

    We have Mutt chickens [​IMG] and I live um just the same.
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