Treating lice in chickens with cat flea products

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    My chickens have lice. I've cleaned their coop and used DE and dusted them with DE and repeated the process, but they do free range over a fairly wide area and so I'm not sure where all they are getting the lice back, or if I'm leaving too many on the roost which is hard to clean, or what, but I don't see much improvement.

    I HAVE some Sevin but after reading the product label I'd rather use that as little as possible and don't want to dust the birds with this stuff.

    I have flea products designed for cats, Revolution ((selamectin) in cat doses 5-15 pounds.

    I also have Frontline plus (fipronil and methoprene) for cats.

    It seems so much easier to treat just the bird than the entire environment, has anyone used these for lice? These flea products seem much less toxic.

    I would love to hear about other options as well if someone has a natural method of getting rid of these lice. Thanks!
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    Mar 12, 2008
    I personally wouldn't use the cat products. I have however used Adam's flea and tick spray(blue bottle at walmart) and I LOVE Sevin dust--have used it for years with NO side effects! Good luck in whatever you decide! [​IMG]
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    I use the front line spray from for use with puppies and kittens and it has worked GREAT for me. I spray a tiny bit under each wing, one on the back of neck and one right above the vent area but make sure none gets on the vent. have used it now for over a year and never a problem. I only use on my chickens that are for show though not on our egg layers in which we sell the eggs for food. LUCKILY I have not had those ones get lice or mites SO FAR. I jsut hate to sell eggs as eating eggs after treating my hens with this stuff. I use/sprinkle DE on my layers all the time tho and I think it detures the bugs.
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    Did you use it right on the bird themself? Or on the environment?

    My Sevin is called "lawn granules", do I have the right stuff? I don't know how I'd get it on the right place, near their vents is where we see the lice. Do you wash it off afterwards? With the DE I just dusted it all around and all over all the birds and left it, do you do that with Sevin too?

    This says on the label not to put on animals. So I'm confused.
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    Quote:I'm familiar with that product, I believe it is the same active ingredient as the monthly stuff. We cannot eat the eggs afterward you think?
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    Quote:There are several different forms of Sevin, I was at my local hardware store checking them out yesterday. There is Sevin liquid, Sevin granules, and Sevin dust. You need the dust. The label is pretty scary, I'm still trying to decise whether to use it or not. I think I will dust my coop with it. I used invermectin on the birds themselves, got enough to treat all my birds twice from the vet for about $8.
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    well revolution is the same as ivermectin I believe. What dosage did they have you use, and did they suggest you not eat the eggs afterward?

    I'm inclined to take back these "granules" then, it is the wrong stuff.
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    Revolution is not the same as Ivermectin, They are in the same family but not identical. I use dust for cattle, or like Hartz Flea powder for cats. You cant use the frontline drops, way to concentrated. The Hartz dust worked with some young chickens I got last year. You have to retreat, in a week or so.
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    Hartz dust for cats? I need to take back this Sevin since it is granules so I might as well look around.
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    Sep 22, 2009
    Sevin dust used to have a label for pet use but I imagine the EPA made them take that off. Its safe on dogs and cats and I've seen no side effects in chickens either.
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