Trio of Mille Fleur D'uccles 9 weeks old (pics in 1st post)

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    I have a trio (1 cockeral and 2 pullets) of mille fleur d'uccles.

    I will have to get some good pics of them. You will have choice between 2 cockerals. [​IMG]

    These are some super cute little kids, nice stature, just starting to get some color into them, and very nice feet/feathering.
    They are a bit hand shy (which I've found typical at this age) but are very sweet once you get them in your lap - just need to work with them a bit more. - they'll run after you for treats and some attention love for me to talk to them.

    Will take any reasonable offer - just PM or Email me.

    will get pictures later today or in the morning - and will post tomorrow.

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