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    Mar 8, 2015
    Hello all BYC members! I've always appreciated the info and support of members on this site. I'm new to raising backyard chickens and I'm faced with my first dilemma!! My Golden Laced Wyandotte is around 1 year old and has become very weak. She is still acting like a chicken for the most part...eating a little, drinking water, and trying to keep up with her friends ....but she is obviously not moving well and seems to get really weak, especially by the end of the day. The so called Penguin stance, where she barely lifts her bottom half off the ground. Her abdomen is maybe a bit enlarged or swollen, but doesn't feel to different from the other hens. I did feel her leg muscles are thin compared to the other hens. I don't believe she is laying eggs at the moment, and I'm not 100% sure she has layed any eggs at all. We have 3 hens, Ameraucana, Barred Rock, and the GL Wyandotte and have never had two brown eggs in the same day. She started off perfectly healthy and normal, but around a month ago she quite sleeping on her roost at night. Then a few days ago she couldn't make it back up the ladder to her coop. I brought her in for the night to warm up, gave her a warm bath, checked the vent for egg bound but couldn't feel anything. We had a pretty cold and icy winter in Indiana and my thought is she wasn't finding enough grit, maybe she's clogged up and got weak?? The other two girls seem perfectly healthy. Is there anything more I can do or check before a possible visit to the vet for x-rays? I would appreciate any advice and chicken wisdom!! Thank you

    A few more details: Her poop seems a little runny. The hens free range in the backyard frequently, receive some scraps, and are eating the Dumor layer feed. I haven't seen her stand upright in days : / I can try to upload a picture later today.

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