True Blue Whiting info please?

Those are saddle feathers. He is definitely a he, that's a male only color pattern.
I always get the feather names wrong lol. Newbie still. Even with the vast differences in the WTB (coloring?)? He will be a looker for sure. Actually kinda glad to have a male. I have a handsome BCM so I'll be set to make some great Olive Eggers with all the hens I have of both brown & blue egg layer (& a set of OE I already have)


5 Years
Oct 27, 2014
View attachment 1076276 Up close of his sickle feathers. I say he because I'm leaning that way more & more. Is this a definite sign for sure or can this vary still?? WTB are such a mixed bag...
And, for future reference, any time a chick grows in those deep red patches on their shoulders, that's a male for sure.

He's definitely a pretty one!


Sep 24, 2017
North Clarendon, VT
Thanks for the photos and info! I can't wait until they start laying and my kids (11 & 13) are just as excited. This little lady is my 13 yr old sons and he has been at me nonstop since we got them to identify her.

I was more nervous about getting chickens (what if they die?) than I was about having my kids!

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