Trying to Cool Them Off

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    Mar 25, 2011
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    So I put out the little blue plastic pool for the chickens today so they could cool off in this 105 degree heat. I think I heard Big Mama yell something about that big, scary blue thing was coming to kill them as they all ran away.[​IMG][​IMG] Not positive though lol.[​IMG]
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    Oct 18, 2008
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    I bought a misting fan attachment and a fan at Northern Tool for under 50 bucks total and the hens are slowly getting the idea! If you already have a fan, the attachment is just 12 smackers so cheap way to cool down the girls. My girls did not like the big baby pool but would play in the large plant saucers filled with cold water. I bought the plastic ones instead of the terracotta ones as those did not leak like the clay ones. try those and put your alpha hen in it first. When she gets the idea it is OK the others will get in also. Do get several as they will fight over one if not! Stay cool!

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