Trying to get a companion for "blind" chicken


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Jun 29, 2016
Wilmington, MA

So I have a gold Wyandotte who has a depth perception issue. She was attacked by the flock and has been separated for some months now.

We downsized our flock by selling all of our other gold and silver wyandottes.

So I was reading about "docile" chicken breeds and was wondering, if I get a docile chick, and raise her with the "blind" Wyandotte, would that be smart? I don't want to have to keep the gold Wyandotte separate anymore, and I also don't want her to be alone.

Any suggestions from seasoned chicken owners?

I was thinking for "docile" breeds, maybe a buff Orpington? I really like the silkies but not sure if they are too small to be with a Wyandotte.

Thank You for feedback!


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