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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by AllHandsFarm, Jul 31, 2013.

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    Jul 31, 2013
    We just received our 2nd batch of chicks (replacements for the ones that died from the first batch) and are trying to save one that was barely alive when the box of chicks arrived. She seems too weak to get up, so we are frequently dipping her beak in the electrolyte water and she is swallowing that, and trying to eat a little. My question is, should we leave her laying under the heat lamp, or is it ok to cup her in our hands between drinks? Any other suggestions for saving a weak little chick? (It looked like she got stuck in the corner of the box in transit.) Thanks very much!

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    Sep 27, 2012
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    Just received my babies two weeks ago and had a similar problem.. some of the suggestions I received were as follows... try to get the baby eating as soon as possible... preferably protein rich foods like soft scrambled eggs or plain greek yogurt. Someone else also suggested Poly ViSol vitamins without iron directly administered into the beak... i'll look back and see how much, but i'm sure it was just a drop... Good luck. That heat is SO hard on these babies, and I didn't have any luck with my faltering ones, BUT I didn't get this information until my babies were a day old, so time is of the essence...
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    Jul 31, 2013
    Thanks very much ~ we have been regularly dipping her beak in the water and offering chick food, but she seems to be getting weaker. She may not make it through the night. But even if we lose this one, I hope to learn how to be better prepared the next time. It does seem those first hours are critical. Thank you for the suggestions!
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    If she's just lying there, not trying to stand, she may be too far gone to save.

    I had one of these small, weak ones in my latest batch of chicks. She was no bigger than when she hatched from the egg when I got her at two days old, and after four days of age, she was not bigger. She would just stand or toddle around, barely able to keep her balance. She didn't appear to be eating, and she refused to take even sugar water and Poly-vi-sol.

    The advice I got here saved her, in addition to my coming up with the idea of feeding her crushed tofu. I sprinkled Poultry Nuti-drench (more powerful than Poly-vi-sol) over the tofu, and she tore right into it. This marked a turn-around in her condition, and she began to gain strength and grow.

    I never removed her from the other chicks, and they actually encouraged her to eat by competing with her for the tofu. I made sure there was plenty for all, but she was right there in the middle of the food dish, getting her share.

    I sure hope yours makes it through the night. If she does, it's a sign she's determined to live.
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    My first batch of chicks arrived this morning after spending 3 days at the mercy of the postal service. They were supposed to be here Tuesday via express overnight shipping so the past couple days have been nerve racking worrying about their health. Out of the eight I ordered, three were DOA and another two are barely hanging in there. I immediately gave the two weakest some straight Nutri Drench from the dropper as well as water, but they haven't eaten either the chick starter of the crumbled hard boiled egg yolk that we tried. They just don't seem to have the energy to peck at it. I'll be surprised it they make through the day.

    I'm hoping to get replacements but waiting to hear back from the place I ordered from. Not the best start to our backyard chicken farm. [​IMG]

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