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    Mar 6, 2012
    my chickens are now 2 months old but their coop isnt quite finished so my dog sleeps outside to protect them(NOTHING can get in our yard!)they currently sleep in a dog house an di moved it to clean it out and there was a tunnel that was about as big as my fist,and another tunnel going under the fence.what could it be and what should i do? i was thinking rats or feild mice because there are alot in the shed and i live in the middle of berry feilds.
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    I'm glad your dog is protective toward your chickens. The tunnels could be from moles, mink, muskrat or mice. Unless you have an amazing fence, then raccoons could get into your yard. They may not choose to if they see your dog is constantly on duty. good luck with finishing the coop, and you may want to put an apron of chicken wire or something to prevent digging. We put cinder blocks all the way around our run to prevent digging.
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    Could be pocket gophers. We have them too. Put a hose down the hole and flush em away from your chickens. I don't think they will harm them.
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    just had my first tunnels a few weeks ago, fist size...... put out a game camera, got to watch a big rat help himself into my run...... i tried traps, no luck....... finally threw some d-con rat poisen under the coop where another tunnell went... no dogs cats or chickens can get under there........ haven't had a problem since........

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