Turkey Hens And Snakes (pic heavy)


12 Years
Jan 27, 2007
Both Schorger, in his The Wild Turkey (its history and domestication), and Klauber, in his Rattlesnakes, recount the observations of those who witnessed toms attacking - and sometimes killing snakes (both nonvenomous/venomous). The anecdotes don't mention hens. Our Slate hen, a few years back chased a 5.5ft. Black Rat Snake directly up a White Oak. However, this same hen, during breeding season, `presented' herself to owner without giving a thought to the 4ft. Black Rat Snake coiled next to her in the weeds (I carried off the snake, then carried the hen back to the run). Day before yesterday I checked the treeline for foxes and entered house for a few minutes. On return this was the scene (the Prairie King Snake was rescued after hen `threw' it - hens seemed proud of themselves - happy dancing with poult): If I had not intervened, I'm pretty confident the girls would have killed it (tom/jakes were satisfied with letting the distaff death squad rule the roost).

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