Turkey Poulets Dying

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    I need help with sick/weak turkeys.

    I received 20 heritage turkeys (10 Bourbon Reds/10 Chocolates) from Meyer's Hatchery, they were hatched on the 19th and I received them on the 21st. Two Chocolates were DOA and 1 BR was very weak and died on the 22nd. The rest were looking good, eating and drinking. I am using Meyer's vital pack plus with their water. Turkey starter mixed with their water as they were not interested in it dry?

    One was found dead this am, and one was not eating. I have been using a small syringe to feed it egg yolk mixed with water every hour, but it is still not looking good.

    What more should I be doing?

    This is my first time with turkeys.

    Thanks for your help.
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