Turkeys exposed to chickens vaccinated for Marek's disease?


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Aug 28, 2018
I have 8 turkeys ranging from 3 months - adult. I also have several chicken and 2 emu. Everyone gets along great.

Last month, one of my young chickens died of Marek's-like symptoms (no official diagnosis). As I just had some chicks hatch, I want to vaccinate them against Marek's, but I'm being told vaccinated chicks will expose my older, non-vaccinated chickens to Marek's disease, and I will definitely lose some. They also say this WILL KILL my turkeys because the vaccine is a live turkey Marek's virus.

I've been doing research all day. It is the live turkey virus, but the chicks will be in the house at least 6 weeks not around the turkeys or grown chickens. I've been finding materials varying from it's perfectly safe to it will kill all my existing birds. I'm running up on the deadline to vaccinate the chicks and have no idea what to do! I don't like wasting money or risking the new babies, but I refuse to put my flock in such danger.

Does anyone have experience with vaccinated chicks/chickens and turkeys? If so, please HELP!
but I'm being told vaccinated chicks will expose my older, non-vaccinated chickens to Marek's disease,
BS... the vaccinated chicks COULD get Marek's and survive it with NO symptoms there by actively shedding the LIVE virus they caught at YOUR house somewhere down the line. So the Marek's vaccine will NOT stop your new chicks from catching it if exposed it will JUST stop the tumors from presenting that cause the birds to become paralyzed that eventually stops them from making it to feed and water or being brutalized by the flock. The vaccine in and of itself will NOT expose your older birds (chickens that is) to Marek's.

Vaccinated chicks NOT welcome at MY house. Here is the most accurate information I have seen on the subject...

As far as I know... Marek's vaccine is a DEAD virus.. but if YOURS is live turkey virus... and I had turkeys... it would be a cold day in hell before I introduced it to MY property... even if my chicks had it in their system for 6 weeks... will it die or just stay there until it has a proper host... NOT worth the risk... to me. :confused:

I personally wouldn't assume Marek's... until having the next bird that presents tested... LOT's of things can look like Marek's. Sorry for your loss. :hugs
From what I've read, Turkeys carry Marek's and it doesn't affect them. (I don't know what percentage.) They will not get sick when exposed to the virus or the vaccine whether dead or alive.
You should go ahead and vaccinate your chicks within 48 hours, then quarantine. I have never heard of Turkeys giving chickens Marek's , or chickens giving Turkeys Marek's.
The dead vaccine is dead, the live vaccine is fixed so it can't give anyone the virus. (attenuated?) The vaccine will not put Marek's on your property, only birds that carry Marek's will. A vaccinated bird will not give anyone Marek's to pass around from the vaccine. But a vaccinated bird if exposed to the true virus may carry it and give it to others. The vaccine protects the chicken from suffering the symptoms of the virus. That's what it mostly does.
I've spent over 10 years adding vaccinated chicks to my unvaccinated flock. My flock was 25 way back when and now all of my flock is vaccinated. My last unvaccinated chicken died a few months ago at the age of 12.

I've gotten my information mostly from experience and reading research books and articles.
Nambroth's Big Marek's article is the best and most information I've seen. I carry the link at the bottom of my posts. But no one's information is 100% . Marek's virus does not follow the rules or affect all exposed chickens the same way. Some have no symptoms and live long lives. Others live 6 weeks and get symptoms -most likely paralysis and wasting leading to death but there can be other symptoms as well.

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