twine from hay?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by kerrysmommy, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. kerrysmommy

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    Mar 15, 2010
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    can i use twine for anything in my chicken coops? i have lots of it and its driving my mom nuts just sitting in the hay barn. so i thought like the feed bags get turned into tote bags what can twine do?????[​IMG]
  2. AngelzFyre

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    Sep 18, 2007
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    I use it to tie back doors and hang snap hooks from gates and doors so they don't get lost opening and closing. I also have 4 diff colors, orange, blue, black and green and I tie and knot a different color on each of the tops of my waterers so when cleaning I don't get them mixed up.
    You can use it for temporary tying gates closed and such's sorta like barnyard duct tape [​IMG].
  3. kerrysmommy

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    Mar 15, 2010
    My house :]
    it's sorta like barnyard duct tape [​IMG]


    lol thats what i use it for only in case of an emergency but like anything i could sell and make a profit
  4. kerrysmommy

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    Mar 15, 2010
    My house :]
    any others??????
  5. Azriel

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    Jun 19, 2010
    I string it over the top of the pen to keep hawks and owls out. It won't keep out coons, but I have electric fence for that.
  6. donrae

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    Jun 18, 2010
    Southern Oregon
    Just be sure it's out of reach of the birds. My ~5 week old bantam cochin chick was acting weird and flopping/thrashing around the other day, and I finally realized when it thrashed, it's sibling moved toward it. Turned out they had a teeny tiny thread of baling twine tangled around legs, wings and one neck--not fun trying to get undone! Thank God for the steady hand of ds10, we finally got them untangled. We'd used a length of twine to hold the snap on the coop door and the end came undone and somehow they got this thread loose and tangled up.

    Other than that, yes we use it as mentioned. I like to keep scissors handy in the hay barn, they're tied to baling twine and attached to a nail so they don't go walkies. I used it to tie my tomatos to the cages or stakes. I'v used it as an impromptu halter when a horse gets out, or a leash when a dog acts up and needs to be tied. I've considered using it on my kids when they act up, but I think that's illegal [​IMG]
  7. nurse_turtle

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    May 28, 2011
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    I often use it to hand treats with. My flock goes crazy for an apple on a string! Sometimes I thread large grapes on some and watch the show.[​IMG]
  8. wyododge

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    Sep 30, 2011
    It burns really well...

    BUt I use it for everything, You want a strong rope? braid up some twine. My old horse broke a 6" rail and still had the twine rope around his neck (he's lucky I did not catch him). I have wrapped shovel handles with it, tied off tolls on the roof, one of my summer waterers are held up with it. The hose that feeds my winter feeders is secured with it. I had the end of my roost tied with it but the hens played with it, so I used sash chord instead. If you warp it around your hands, you can use it like as a saw to open new bails to get another piece of twine. You could probably make a hammock out of it. It would certainly hold a tire swing long enough to get the camera before the crash...

    You can also wrap it around the axles of your equipment and burn up hardened steel bearings with it.

    Farmers duct tape for sure, but it don't mind dirt, water, oil, diesel or gas...
  9. Illia

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    Oct 19, 2009
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    As said by others - It's a farmer's duct tape. [​IMG]
  10. Cattitude

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    Makes good tie downs when your bungees have mysteriously disappeared. I used some as dog leashes when I forgot my regular leads. Also used for tying tomato plants to stakes. And for weaving two sections of chicken wire together. We have tied them together then tied them to the well pump to keep from dropping the pump all the way down into the pipe and not be able to get it back out. Can be used in emergency fence mending, horse catching, goat leading, chicken-feet tying. I used one as a hair tie-back once.

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