Two abandoned roosters need home in mid-Michigan - I'm willing to transport!

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    Oct 2, 2014
    Hi all, someone has abandoned two roosters near our apartment complex in Meridian Township. You are not allowed to have roosters per ordinance so I'm guessing instead of doing the responsible thing they just dumped the roosters. It's getting very cold and I've been trying to feed the roosters but I'm very worried about the coming winter.

    Would anyone want to give these guys a home? I'd be very willing to capture and transport the roosters myself to anyone within an hour or two of mid-Michigan (or meet you somewhere!). I've never owned roosters but they seem nice, just a bit skittish.

    Advice on how to help them is also very much appreciated. I've tried to call local police and animal control but the roosters disappear when they come try to capture them. IMG_1490.JPG IMG_1493.JPG
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    They're handsome dudes!
    Thank you for trying to help them.:)
    Have you tried contacting a local Humane Society? They often take in chickens.
    Failing that, you could offer them some All Flock feed and a bowl of water to keep them from starving and dehydrating.
    Hopefully, the Humane Society will help you.
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    You could try baiting live traps with corn, bread, birdseed, or something like that, or find where they are roosting (in trees) and get them at night. If they can fly, getting them during the day will be harder.
    Gather all your friends, a long handled fish net or three, and give it a try.
    Some rescue groups will take them; most of us with chickens won't, because of biosecurity issues and the very real risk of them bringing in diseases to our flocks.
    Some people are such jerks! Abandoning animals (and children!) is awful!
    Good luck...
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    Poor guys... They'd likely be easy to catch for anyone who's got two wire dog crates with big doors and a loud, whiney hen to serve as bait placed within one of the crates. Set up side by side within earshot of the roosters with a long string attached to the door of the open crate and I bet they'd come running as soon as they heard--or saw--the hen. Wish you lived in my neighbourhood. I easily caught a feral male guinea using crates and a guinea hen to act as the irresistible temptress and I'd happily try to catch and take home these two dudes...they look nice.

    PS: The people who contacted me to come and try to catch the guinea--which was living in a weedy lot behind a church right in the midst of a bunch of subdivisions and next to a major highway overpass!--got my name and number from the feed guy I've used for years. Maybe a way for you to find a similar soft-hearted chicken fancier willing to come and help you out? The feed guys usually know which of their customers are the soft touches when it comes to specific abandoned animals...
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    You trying to say our chickens aren't children? :eek: Who knew?!
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    I'd will happily take then! I have the space & I have one rooster, and 21 hens! Let me know :fl

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