Two sick ducks and no vet in please

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Apr 1, 2014
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I have to sick ducks they are about 8 weeks old one is more sick then the other. Very Weezy and tilts head to the side a lot, now the other is head tilting. They both use to love to swim in there pool but now do not get in at all. The one still does not have all it's feathers and the last time he was in the pool he did not look like the water was beefing off like it use to he just looked like a wet duck. Other activity is fine they waddle and run around eat and drink fine they are free rang for the day and in at night. I have chickens as wail and don't want them to get sick. I have tried to take then to a vet but I guess no vet in my town will see a duck so I have no idea where or how to get them Medicean any help or ideas would be so great
Probiotic & Electrolyte in the water to start ...

Take a children's Aspirin and crush it up
add to water .....

Give them a hard boiled egg 1 in the morning & 1 in the
evening just remove the shell mash up and serve ....

Good luck with your ducks ......

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