8 Years
I'm sick...I have a VERY sore throat... WHY ME?!?!?!
I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well.
I heard that gargling salt with some water is suppose to help sore throats. So is honey. Good luck! I hope you feel better soon!
Chicken broth. Or Umcka. Google it, you can find more about it, it helped me get over it WAY faster. Umcka can be found at your local pharmacist.
Ibuprofen or acetametaphine. If you look at cold medicine that says it helps sore throat, the ingredient for that is some sore of pain med. Always works for me. I also like gargling. If you can't stand salt water, try gargling mouth wash. The alcohol will help kill germs. Not sure if you are congested, but I use a humidifier too. I actually have sinus issues, so I sleep with a humidifier every night. Makes a huge difference. I also like any of the Ricola throat drops. I can't stand anything menthol, and most of the Ricola drops are all natural. Hope you feel better soon.
Onion tea,lol. Never tried it but my mom swears by it. I would rather gargle with some GSE water than onions!

Speedy healings.

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