Ugh... A family of skunks moving into our backyard :(


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We were just outside clipping the wings of a few of our flighty chickens and our now mature ducks (ducks were NOT happy about it) and on the way back inside I heard some very loud rustling in the grass. Very odd for this time of night, and usually if it is a coon they freeze when they hear us coming.

Well, when I put the flashlight over I saw 3 very bushy black / white tails in the air. Thankfully they were just doing housekeeping and not getting ready to spray. It looked like a mother and 3 kids. Mom was pulling weeds / grass under our shed where I'm assuming she's trying to make a den.

Fortunately we've never had a problem with skunks and our chickens, so were it not for their stinkiness so close to the house I'd be inclined to let them be. Of course, I'm also not inclined to want to mess with them so maybe I'll still let them be.
If you chickens can't get to that area , throw some moth ball in there that will take care of them with out doing them harm, skunks are cool, course i love all wild things, and we get along fine with them at our place.
Just reading the title of this thread made me glad to live in a country with no skunks...I have never had the unfortunate experience of smelling one....and hope I never do....Finding a 6 month old forgotten egg with a shovel is bad enough - So I will gladly pass on the skunk....

Hope they move on soon for you.
Vaccinating for rabies is very expensive and probably not covered by insurance unless you have a specific need - Animal Control, work at a veterinarian etc. The chances of the skunk family having or contracting rabies are pretty low, especially in the San Francisco area.

Mothballs are very likely to keep them away, but if the chickens have access to the area I have no idea how it will affect them.

Good luck! Throwing mothballs under my porch during the day prevented the family that had taken up residence from returning. Make sure you can get them back out, though - I threw a bunch where I couldn't get at them and had to put up with the stink for many long weeks.
Watch out how you use things that are not labeled for what you are using them for this kina depends on who your neighbors are it is a federal offense the most flagrant example is using fly bait to poison coons . Sknunks are not that bad of a neighbor one place I worked in the mountains of VA I would save a little bit of my lunch and lure them away from the shop 50-100" so we could work in peace they have really bad vision be careful it is really easy to surprise one. but the ones I was luring away from the shop seemed kina glad to see me each day
Actually, cats are one of the most common carriers of rabies in urban centers and you are more likely to be bitten by a feral cat than a skunk. I was bitten by a cat in the bay area. Luckily the cat was captured and observed for the development of the disease and did not have it, so I didn't have to get the shots, but it was a close call. Rabies shots ARE covered by your insurance (Unless you have the world's crappiest insurance) if you are bitten because you will die if you contract rabies, it's medically neccesary.
moth balls moth ball moth balls-My mother had a huge family of skunks all Spring under her house-When you havew 3-5 spraying-holy cow-I didnt visit all Summer. She had an exterminator come!

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